EU- Projects' dissemination


EU- Project's dissemination: NEXTWORK FORUM in Bucharest 15th-16th May 2015 

A dedicated appointment



The dissemination and valorization of projects’ results are important elements for EU projects.

The research is part of our culture; therefore, everybody has the “right” to know it.

Among the reasons why we disseminate, let’s remember:

-The importance and impact of research and granted products at a European level, thus justifying;

-Understanding the benefits of the European citizens as a guarantee, thus sharing;

-Supporting Eu-policies and decisions on different issues, thus increasing knowledge

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To all Forum participants, special rate for accommodation

Forum participants will stay at the Ramada Hotels taking advantage of the special conditions reserved for them. The choice was made for the quality of services offered and the location of the hotels near the venue of the Forum.  

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Development perspectives in the European Banking sector



Octavian Ciobănaşu (1)


The International Financial Crisis has had a lasting impact on the Global Economy, as well as on the European Banking Sector. In order for the deficiencies to be fixed and for the European Banking Sector to return to growth, a series of steps must be taken by the decisional bodies, supervisory authorities and those responsible of implementing reforms across the European Union and across the European Banking Sector. This paper presents the various suggestions of combinations of measures possible. The matter analyzed being very complex, and trying to simplify it, the paper presents a series of approaches possible in solving the problems that are afflicting the banking system and the EU countries. 


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