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EU- Project's dissemination: NEXTWORK FORUM in Bucharest 15th-16th May 2015 

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The dissemination and valorization of projects’ results are important elements for EU projects.

The research is part of our culture; therefore, everybody has the “right” to know it.

Among the reasons why we disseminate, let’s remember:

-The importance and impact of research and granted products at a European level, thus justifying;

-Understanding the benefits of the European citizens as a guarantee, thus sharing;

-Supporting Eu-policies and decisions on different issues, thus increasing knowledge


The main purpose is to focus on the positive results affirmed in the project. This requires:

-A transparent agreement between partner/team

-An accurate coordination of parts, intended as actuator members, partners or information sources.

The message has to be thorough, instant and understandable for the target audience in order to instill a multiplier effect, automatically. As an instance, it would be worth to convince project managers to take advantage of results from previous projects both in its original form and adapted to new contexts.

During the last years, the EU Commission has focused its attention on the projects’ quality and impact on the EU citizenship, as well as the approach at a national and local level.

Thousands of projects have benefited from investment from EU policy; it is very important to give voice to their results, durable over the years and able to reinforce our systems in terms of innovation.

The valorization just has this purpose: From one hand, to spread and make clearer and easier the project results; from the other hand, supporting their own application and systematization by multiple users.

Unfortunately, there are even less periodical activities dedicated to the valorization, except the mandatory steps in the project execution. Despite the strong rule of media, they prefer to focus on the preliminary promotion rather than the final spreading.

Nextworkforum wants to play an important role in this step.

It wants to be a large-scale event dedicated to dissemination; an opportunity to celebrate projects, by sharing opinions and evaluations with other interested people and creating a benchmark of:  

-  Awareness

-  Perception

-  Opinion

-  Action

All project managers are invited to reflect on their dissemination strategies and to plan a set of qualitative information about the project. The same EU actors- who can gain knowledge, new skills and best practices to foster their experience- would represent the target audience of Nextworkforum.

The comparison of experiences would be a prestigious priority in order to create new protagonists reinforced by crucial partnership.

The event will give the possibility to national and international organizations to have a dedicated space where communicate, meet, exhibit its own action and launch new future projectualities.

Furthermore, Nextworkforum will be the place where visitors and single individuals can deal with prominent European themes: the audience will be actively involved.

Promoting self-aware and shared protagonists, giving voice to individuals and enhancing relationships among people, Countries and communities.




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