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TEN ECOPORT - Transnational ENhancement of ECOPORT8 network (Code SEE/D/0189/2.2/X)


Denominazione Ente e ruolo nel progetto:

The Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing (KIC-LAB) (http://kic.teiep.gr) is a highly innovative research laboratory, active since 2006, which covers the educational, teaching and research needs of the Department of Computer Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (www.teiep.gr) that are related to the Intelligent Computing in general, and also contributes to the fields of applying computational intelligent techniques in Biosignals, investigating soft computing techniques, Modeling Complex systems and to GeoInformatics and Environmental Informatics (Enviromatics).


As partner of the TEN ECOPORT project, the KIC-LAB proposed, designed, created, established and now maintains and enhances

a. an Electronic Port Platform (www.tenecoport.eu/platform), where any interesting stakeholder such as TEN ECOPORT project partners along with port operators, researchers, professors and any other member of port community will be able to contribute by adding and exchanging sustainable technology ideas, good practices, scientific publications, success stories and by having an open discussion regarding the critical issues of the ports. The aim of this e-platform is to be used as a reference warehouse of port and coastal areas issues and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and communication among anyone related to port community, and to constitute a fundamental element for the coordination, in the long term, of investments for the future efficiency and sustainability of the sea-network;


b. an advanced WebGIS platform (www.tenecoport.eu/webgis), as a modern environmental tool that:

- highlights historical places/buildings and other areas of interest inside port territories

- provides environmentally important “hot spots” (eco-mapping) within the territories of the ports that participate in the project TEN ECOPORT

- provides a “short-term climatic picture” regarding the quality of the marine environment for all TEN ECOPORT ports

- provides monitoring capabilities of air/marine environment around the participating ports.

 Breve presentazione del progetto (max 10 righe)

Co-funded by the Transnational Cooperation Programme SOUTH EAST EUROPE (SEE Programme), TEN ECOPORT aims to capitalize the results of another SEE project called ECOPORT 8 that tackled the problem of environmental impact affecting port areas and its surrounding areas. Due to the ECOPORT 8 activities a first port network for the development, strengthening and transfer of coordinated initiatives of cooperation for eco-management of the sea routes was established. Nevertheless, the ECOPORT 8 project highlighted the obstacles during the effort to define shared environmental policy owing to the different regulatory system of the SEE countries and revealed that Port Authorities cannot act on Environmental Process alone, without the support of Port Operators. However, improved environmental performance through the implementation of an EMS could promote Port Operators’ involvement in the management of the environmental issues and enhance their relations with their Port Authorities.

Within this framework and inspired by a great number of initiatives undertaken at EU level aimed at improving sustainable mobility along the sea-network, and by the extensive review process of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy during the last years, the ECOPORT 8 partnership was enhanced, became broader and more up-to-date in its goals and vision, leading to the TEN ECOPORT project which aspires to a Common Model for ecologically sustainable development and management of the South East Europe sea ports.

OUR MISSION To work jointly on eco-routes and strongly contribute to the sustainable environmental development of the port areas

OUR VISION To provide the decision-makers with the useful tools & policies that will help them plan the future common model for the efficiency of the Trans-European Network corridors

 TEN ECOPORT Partnership



Politecnico di Bari (Lead Partner) www.poliba.it

Levante Port Authority www.aplevante.org

Port Authority of Brindisi www.portodibrindisi.it

UNIVERSUS CSEI – Training and Innovation University Consortium www.universus.it



Technological Educational Institute of Epirus www.teiep.gr / http://kic.teiep.gr

Igoumenitsa Port Authority S.A. www.olig.gr

Patras Port Authority S.A. www.patrasport.gr



National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences www.meteo.bg

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company www.bgports.bg



National Institute of Marine Geology and GeoEcology www.geoecomar.ro

Romanian Naval Authority www.rna.ro



Institute of Marine Biology, University of Montenegro www.ibmk.org

Port of Bar Holding Company www.lukabar.me



Dubrovnik Port Authority www.portdubrovnik.hr



Polytechnic University of Tirana www.upt.al

Port Authority of Durres www.apdurres.com.al



Relatore/relatori: (nome cognome)

Ms Andriani Oikonomou

Breve CV (3 -4 righe di presentazione)

Andriani Oikonomou is a collaborator of the Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing for more than 7 years, mostly in charge of the management and the communication activities of several EU and Greek projects. Within the framework of the TEN ECOPORT project she works as a Communication Referent, entrusted with the internal and the external communication of the partnership and in charge of all the activities of promotion and dissemination, mostly via electronic means.






Lead Manager:

Prof. Leonardo Damiani

Polytechnic University of Bari

Via Orabona, 4 – 70123 Bari - Italy

Tel. +39 0805963286 – 0805963666

Fax +39 0805963414

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Communication responsible:

Ms Andriani Oikonomou

Department of Computer Engineering

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus

Kostakioi, Artas


Tel +302681050234

Fax +302681050330

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Website: www.tenecoport.eu

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