Nextwork:  The network and meeting centre for Euro project Management

Nextwork is an important event aimed at developing international relations with the various protagonists of the EU grant-funded projects  (academic and educational Institutions, Universities, companies, Public Authorities, associations and research centres).

This is an international network for:

  • the dissemination and “exploitation”
  • the development 
  • the sharing

of funded or ongoing  projects.

It aims to increase the birth of new ideas and operating partnerships, able to achieve the EUROPE 2020 goals and the present EU strategy. 

Nextwork is the perfect space for networking, for getting acquainted with new managers and for developing projects.

Nextwork is a 2-day meeting aimed at providing methodology and skills to be successful in the complex world of education and research, skills development and European project management.



The 2015  Edition  will be organised in Bucarest ( Romania)  Friday 15th - Saturday 16th May 2015

Theme of the year is : Let’s cooperate for a new european reinassance

Nextwork is a suitable networking environment, a great opportunity for projects growth and expansion.

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Ms Corina Cretu

European Commissioner - Regional Policy 

will participate in the opening session

of the NextworkForum in Bucharest on May 15